What unites our sanctuary cats is their ability to give love given half a chance.  Some are older - yes, kittens are sure adorable but they do not have a lock on the love department!  Older cats have plenty of purrs and love to share.

Like people some cats sometimes can develop chronic but treatable conditions but these are no impediment to happiness, health or a long life.  Few things are as rewarding as helping a sweet special needs cat.

Some are a little scratched up because for homeless cats, life on the streets is a life of terrors and threats, cars, wild animals, cold, lack of shelter etc.  Sometimes that tough life shows in an amputation, a missing eye, FIV-positive status but scars tell a story of their survival and spirit!

Bonded pairs refers to two cats that have become strongly connected to each other.  Where ever possible, Country Cat Sanctuary adopts bonded pairs out together to help preserve that connection.  Bonded pairs offer cats already equipped with a best friend to while away those hours when you may be at work.  

The Fees And process


For each incredible and loving feline, the adoption fee is

$200 or two beautiful felines for $350.

Kittens are $250 each or two for $450.

For Siamese or other oriental breeds, the adoption fee is $300 each.

This includes the spay / neuter and vaccinations.  

We do not have any un-altered cats

If you would like to adopt one or two or even more of our fantastic felines

Please call Gwen at (613) 258-2622 to discuss and arrange for a visit.