Country Cat Sanctuary

The goal of Country Cat sanctuary is no more homeless cats

Country Cat Sanctuary is a registered non-profit charitable organization owned and operated by Gwen Thompson                 

Emergency Fund Raiser for August



I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL AND OVERWHELMED with your generous outpouring of donations in our time of need and thank you with all my heart!! 

We have raised $14,000 in a week which is really incredible.  It is a wee bit short of our goal but I will add whatever is needed and what is even more incredible is that donations are still dribbling in, which are still needed for the extra costs!   

I will be putting in the order Tuesday at my vets for the injectable program, and hope to get started next weekend doing the cats. There will be ongoing costs for medications for flea allergies in some of the cats and they all will need to be wormed but the main problem will be rectified.


I will keep you posted how it’s going and maybe post a video of the commotion in catching the ferals to do them “always a challenge lol” 

I thank you all and from me and all the cats - purrrrr

Gwen Thompson

Our lifesaving work needs you

Our Mission

To rescue cats that need intervention, provide veterinary care, and spay/neuter. We give permanent sanctuary to those who are totally unadoptable and place adoptable cats in suitable and loving homes

Buddy can you spare a dime or an hour to help us out?

We always need volunteers, foster families, sanctuary supplies and 


What Gwen holds to be true

Her undying affection and dedication for all cats

What country cat does for homeless cats


By adopting a feline from Country Cat Sanctuary, you save two lives  - one by providing a forever home to a very deserving cat and two, by making more room for Gwen to save another cat.  In addition, you are adopting a cat that has been spayed or neutered; treated for internal and external parasites and is or will be vaccinated as part of the adoption fees. You can view all the adorable adoptable cats by clicking on ADOPT in the menu list above.  If you see one that you think might be just the perfect one for you, call Gwen to arrange a visit.  Gwen is here to help you find just the perfect match!

Permanent Residents - Sorry we are at Full Capacity

Country Cat Sanctuary is at full capacity so is unable to accept ferals or surrenders any longer.  Ferals are a life time commitment to care and due to this requirement and with a heavy heart, Gwen is no longer able to accept any additional cats such as ferals and/or surrenders due to the numerous reasons why they can no longer be cared for by owners. 

Daily Care and Nuturing and Lots and Lots of Food!

Country Cat Sanctuary is a 100% volunteer charity dedicated to addressing the plight of homeless cats in the Greater Ottawa-Gatineau area and  relies solely on donations.  All donations support our life-saving work. A list of items that would lovingly help the sanctuary are listed under "THINGS WE NEED" button above.

Rescue, Veterinary Costs and Medical Needs

Country Cat Sanctuary undertakes humanely trapping of homeless kittens and abandoned or stray adult cats, feeding and providing medical care for feral cats, curbing population growth through spaying and neutering and vaccinating; and educating the public on the compassionate treatment of homeless cats and responsible pet ownership through our Facebook page.