things we need at the sanctuary

Wet Food


You know how your cat is fussy and only likes certain kinds of cat food - no matter what you put in front of them?  Well, times that by a whole lot and you got a lot of CHICKEN AND TURKEY loving cats at the sanctuary!  They are just not partial to Beef or Seafood - imagine that!

Dry Favourites


There are always bowls that empty first and this is one of them.  Cat Chow - the little round morsels are number one in their hearts and stomachs.  They do not get it too often due to the price but it is certainly a fan favourite! 

Costco Kirkland


A close second is Costco's Kirkland brand of dry cat food.  It looks like little nuggets of beef but is delicious chicken but don't tell them!  

Cat Chow Classic


This is the classic cat food enjoyed at the sanctuary.  It is very popular and is alway one of the bowls put out for rescued or cats that are recooperating.  It is just a genuine classic.



"The best part of being a volunteer is the Temptation treats at the end of the day.  I  am never so loved as I am for those 20 minutes."

They just flat out love them and they are a great Canadian product.  

They don't quite seem so fussy on which flavour of these though!

Gift Cards/Gifts for Fund Raising


Gift cards are always a blessing as they can be used for pet supply stores for special food such as Royal Canin for Kittens or gas cards to transport the cats to the almost daily veterinarian visits required.

As part of our fundraising efforts (visit the EVENTS tab), the sanctuary can always use gift items to be auctioned off.  Unfortunately gift items do not generate tax receipts.  



Looking for Big Hearted Volunteers

Cat Rescue Volunteers are a special kind of person  - selfless and altrustic to the core.  The Sanctuary is currently supported by some pretty incredible individuals who volunteer their time, a lot of sweat equity and raise funds through some awesome events for the felines.  It is a tough job - no way to state it other than just be truthful about it.  But the job is made a little sweeter by all of the furry help.  You can't help but love them all.  BUT there is just not enough help to go around for all the needs to be done daily so the Sanctuary is always looking for good hearted volunteers to help out.  Whether it is cleaning litter boxes, beds, washing bowls, filling bowls of food, washing floors - you know, all of the glory stuff.  So if you think you can commit to helping out, please contact Gwen. 

Foster Families - Angels on Earth

There are emergency situations where it is best if a cat is placed in a quieter environment where it can receive dedicated attention whether it be for recovery purposes, not able to adjust to the Sanctuary life-style, a capacity issue at the Sanctuary - alot of  urgent and special reasons - Foster Families become life savers for the cats. and a life line for the Sanctuary  These special Families open up their homes and hearts and take their time and effort to help heal cats, save babies, keep Mamas with their babies - just alot of incredible donation of time.  

Right now Country Cat Sanctuary does not require any new foster families but could in the future.  

Any changes or updates to this situation will be posted here.