Over the years Country Cat Sanctuary has become home for many rescued cats and kittens.  Most of the cats in this section will never be adopted into a new family nor get their own forever home.

Some have experienced the trauma of surviving in the wild after being abandoned and left to starve.  Some have gotten out on their own and gone wandering, only to become confused and lost.  Many were born feral in the wild.  Some have been sadly abused, neglected or just no longer wanted so they are discarded to fend for themselves.

These are the Country Cat Sanctuary home cats, being cared for by our organization on a permanent basis.



Please note that as much as we would like to help every animal in need, we can only do so much.  

Country Cat Sanctuary can no longer take in FERAL cats due to capacity and the lifetime commitment they require.   We apologize for any inconvenience but we are doing our best.

Permanent Residents


SCOTTIE was born in June 2012.  Although he is getting more approachable, he is still quite feral and in need of permanent care.


PIERRE has a little resemblance to Grouch Marx!  He is a young male that is only around 2 years old.  He sure is pretty chill relaxing at his furrever home.


BUDDY is a feral sweetheart that is showing a lot of confidence with his favorite volunteer.  He has a cute floppy ear and while starting to come out of his shell, he is still quite fearful of anything more than a visit from his favorite volunteer lady.  


Buddy is lovingly sponsored by Jean Kilfoyle for one year from March 2019 in loving memory of a very special New York City feline named Lilo.  


IVORY is a really pretty five year old girl cat who loves to hang out with her other permanent resident friends.  She is a beautiful cream color with pretty markings. Ivory is a little timid but no problem gazing at her from a distance as she is so pretty to look at. 

Ivory has a very special new sponsorship from Tanis Markhauser starting in March 2019 for one year which is in memory of her beloved "Krissy"


REGAN is a long haired Tortie and is getting a little more accepting of people.  

Regan is being lovingly sponsored by Deborah Pinard for one year from September 2019 in memory of Kali and in honour of Letty  

Chelsey is a lovely grey and white gal who loves

CHELSEY is a lovely grey and while lady who loves her solitude lying in the sunshine.  She has a BFF called Tuc and she is a contented forever sanctuary feline.

Chelsey is being lovingly re-sponsored by Janet Adamson for six months from February 2020!



JILL was born in January 2005.  This gorgeous green eyed lady has long luxurious black and white fur.  She gets along with other cats and was rescued with Soloman.  

 Jill is being re-sponsored for an additional six months by Jane Davy from January 2020 - YAY!!!


HOWIE is a beautiful two year old long hair boy and due to his shyness he will be staying at the sanctuary.  He is happy with his cat friends and he is comfortable at the sanctuary with the people he knows.

 Howie is being sponsored for six months from December 2019 by Carol and David in memory of Finnegan 

A beautiful holiday sponsorship for Howie!!


BETSY is a four year old little girl tuxedo.  She is not particularly comfortable with humans but she does get along with her feline friends and will be welcomed to stay at the sanctuary for as long as she needs. 



DANA is a really pretty three year old female.  She is a semi-feral so is still a timid little girl but is not adverse to having her picture taken.  She is absolutely beautiful to behold with her white bib and gorgeous glowing eyes.

Dana has been sponsored in December 2018 for 18 months by Shelley Munro (YAY) in honour of her beautiful daughter Ginger and in memory of her much loved pudders Polly, Sophie and Delilah


These amazing little black beauties are five year old sisters ANNIE and BELLA.  As can see from their big brown eyes they are not too comfortable with humans coming too close.  They will stay together in safety and comfort at the sanctuary.  

Annie and Bella have been lovingly re-sponsored in January 2020 for another year by Alison Campbell and James Wilson "in memory of our beautiful Zee and Loki who will be forever missed  

Thank you from Annie and Bella!


KERRI is a lovely little lady born approx February 2014 who can be nervous and very independent.  Because she is timid, she most likely will be one of our permanent residents but she is listed in our adoptable section too in the event the perfect understanding human comes alone -  someone who will be patient with her and let her adjust in her own way.  She would like a home with no children nor other pets.

Kerri is sponsored in December 2018 for 30 months by Lorna Hoffman "in loving memory of Gwilly"


KIKI is a shy little one year old girl Tuxedo with pretty black and white markings.  She enjoys watching humans from a distance and always comes out to say hello.  


KiKi has been re-sponsored for another six months

 to February 2020 by Nora Lancaster in memory of her beautiful and much loved Holly  YAY -  Santa came early!!


CLEO is a sweet two year old female tortie - she is a little girl who seems to be going  somewhere or is a little shy getting her picture taken.  She is content to be with her friends and the volunteers at the rescue. 


New pudder to come



TUC is Chelsey's BFF and fellow pillow-sharer.   It is always great when two of our permanent residents find their forever friend too!  As you can see, they both enjoy a good soft bed and looks like they both enjoy a good nosh of food now and then!

Tuc is taking over sponsorship duties from sweet Copper and is lovingly being sponsored for one year from April 2019 by 

Tina Colonnese in memory of Pearl  YAY!!! 



 DENNIE is a one and a half year old feral female with a very pretty orange and white coat.    


SMOKEY is a little itty bitty gal who is sweet in nature and is semi-feral.  She is curious and comes around to see who has arrived but prefers 

to watch people from a bit of a distance.  She is most comfortable with her feline brothers and sisters.  


SQUEAKS is a dainty little girl born in September 2007.  She is true to her namesake - she is talkative and she squeaks when she wants food, attention and cuddles.  

Squeaks has been sponsored by Fay Richards since December 2015 and will be forever more and always in memory of her beautiful cat "Divot"


SUZIE is a little girl cat who is quiet and has lovely expressive eyes. She is a little camera shy in this photo which does not show her pretty black and white tuxedo coat.

Suzie has been lovingly re-sponsored by Janet Adamson for six months from February 2019  YAY!! 


WALKER was born in 2007 and he is still shy with people and prefers his feline brothers and sisters and will always be a country cat sanctuary resident.  He has beautiful burnished gold markings. 

 Walker is being lovingly re-sponsored by Janet Adamson for six months from February 2020  

YAY for Walker!! 


DREW is a stunning semi-long haired tuxedo who looks like a piece of art with his fabulous markings.  Loves sunshine and looking out the windows in equal measure.  

Drew has been re- sponsored in September 2019 for an additional six months by Nora Lancaster in memory of her much loved Dickins  YAY!


HARVEY is a beautiful chill white boy who loves nothing more to have a good snooze  at the sanctuary.  He is a shy boy and loves his forever home at the sanctuary.  

Harvey is being lovingly  sponsored once again by Nancy and Harold Kohn for one year from December 2019 in memory of Bennie, SanPan and Willie


A Christmas 2019 gift for Lucky Harvey!!



SMITTY is a beautiful tuxedo feline who should have been in the movies he is so good looking.  He is a star at the sanctuary and that is a pretty good thing as far as he is concerned!

Smitty is being sponsored once again by Nancy and Harold Kohn for one year from March 2019 in loving memory of Bennie, SanPan and Willie   YAY for Smitty!


New Sanctuary Pudder picture to come!


    New Sanctuary Pudder picture to come!


WINSTON is a stoic young two year old orange boy.  His markings resemble a red point Siamese in the sunshine.  He has pretty eyes and is a quiet cat who just prefers his fur kin than the human kind.  Now treats, that is another story for another time.... haha  

Winston is being lovingly re-sponsored for one year from January 2020 in memory of a very special and beautiful orange tabby named Kassini who is remembered dearly by Craig Bushey and who is now being cradled by his beautiful and much missed wife Ursula. 

YAY Winston!!!


ROCKY is a beautiful grey four year old male.  We just caught him snoozing and woke him up for a picture.  Rocky has a pretty cream bib and likes lounging in one of the comfy cat beds made especially for our pudders.  

Rocky is being sponsored for a full year from September 2019 by Carol and David in memory of Margaret


EMMA is a very sweet little shy girl who is three years old.  She is a little timid getting her picture taken.  She has beautiful tri-colour markings and loves to be with her brothers and sisters at the sanctuary.  

Emma is being lovingly sponsored for one year from April 2019 by Ginette Sheen in memory of "our beautiful Missy"  - a very special and dearly missed pudder. 


  New Sanctuary Pudder picture to come!  


HENRI is a beautiful two year old grey boy with big soulful eyes.  He is a semi-feral and a bit spooked in this picture but will slowly learn that he is safe and sound and will be lovingly cared for always by Gwen and her Team of dedicated volunteers. 

HENRI is being sponsored in honour of Marie-France Paré's very happy birthday - from her very special Father


SISSY is just the cutest little tortie girl around.   Sissy is around two years old and has pretty, long hair.  Sissy is semi-feral but appears to enjoy having her picture taken at the sanctuary.  Sissy is a treasured member of the permanent residents gang.  


Sissy is being sponsored for six months from December 2019 by Carol Wardle in memory of Margaret


A lovely holiday sponsorship for Sissy!!


MISS KELLY is a very pretty long haired orange and white female with the prettiest bib.  Miss Kelly is about two years old and is a semi-feral little girl.   She is a lovely feline who enjoys admiration from a distance.  She enjoys her new box at the sanctuary immensely - what cat doesn't!  

 Miss Kelly is being lovingly sponsored by Nancy and Harold Kohn for one year from November 2019 in memory of all of their past furry friends  - Lucky Miss Kelly!


FOREST GUMP is a beautiful long haired, black and white boy.  He is about five years old and is a semi-feral feline who is a permanent resident at the sanctuary. What a beautiful face and such lovely eyes.  He enjoys visits with the sanctuary volunteers who respect his space.  

This lucky boy has been chosen by Deborah Pinard to be sponsored for one year from September 2019 in memory of Kali and in honour of Letty  YAY!!


New Sanctuary Pudder cat picture to come - but for sure a tenth life is what they often get from Gwen!! 


New Sanctuary Pudder picture to come!